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Since 2007, our organisation has impacted over 3500 children, teenagers and emerging adults, through our various programs.

RAVE, the pioneer DQ Ambassador in Nigeria (first in Africa) certified by the DQ Institute, Singapore, in June 2017, has succeeded in:

  • Applying the DQ educational framework to structure a variety of local initiatives including parenting & educator workshops aimed at promoting proactive parenting and empowering children with digital skills and values.
  • Reaching over 1,500 students in over 20 schools, encouraging both educators and students through the 2017 DQ Screen Time Study, to reflect on and cultivate their digital citizenship skills.
  • Bringing over 2,000 children into the #DQEveryChild movement to empower them with core digital life skills.
*Our holistic approach adopted towards reinforcing values and ensuring that our children develop the essential skills to navigate safely offline and online, has seen RAVE also positively impacting over 5000 parents, parent-figures and educators.

*Our Blog continues to be a repository of practical parenting tips from which a growing number of parents and educators derive value. Our parenting seminars have also proven very insightful and the e-book -“Drugs & Substance Abuse: Naija Parents Guide To Having The Talk” authored by the Founder of RAVE is helping numerous parents take a proactive approach to the issue of drugs and substance abuse.

*RAVE is also helping to bridge the communication gap between parents and children/teenagers though their "What We Wish Our Parents Knew" (#WWWOPK) program on our YouTube Channel.