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Kindness Initiative

In 2019, my work in the healthcare sector exposed me firsthand to how poverty can snuff the joy of families and the lives of their loved ones. I saw fear, sorrow, and anxiety on patients' faces as they discharged themselves against medical advice. Relatives abandoned loved ones (alive and dead) to avoid the responsibility of settling the bills. From the healthcare operator's perspective, I understood how detrimental unpaid medical bills would be to the growth of healthcare institutions and their ability to provide quality care to millions of other patients.

Consistent in everything that RAVE et Al stands for is the reinforcement of values - offline and online. We consider kindness a core value that can positively impact the human experience - offline and online. So having discussed with some members of the RAVE et Al advisory board, The Kindness Initiative championed by RAVE et Al, was birthed in August 2020. Our mission is to help defray the medical bills of indigent patients in designated hospitals across Nigeria.

Health challenges abound, and poverty is on the rise. Many of you, like me, may have been inundated with requests to assist in settling medical bills. The premise of the Kindness Initiative is that little drops of kindness can literarily save a life, and we can make a more significant impact by pooling resources.

Our modus operandi is quite simple. We encourage people to donate as frequently as is comfortable for them, N1000 (one thousand Naira) or multiples into the Kindness Initiative fund. Based on the funds available each month, and after carrying out our due diligence, we make payments directly or through our partner NGOs to the relevant hospitals towards the partial or full settlement of the outstanding medical bill issues brought to our attention.

I invite you to be a part of the Kindness Initiative today – you will be amazed at the power of N1K and how easy it is to create a positive impact.

Charity Ladi Babatunde

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Our Impact

Defraying the medical bills of indigent patients across Nigeria

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The Kindness Initiative
The Kindness Initiative
The Kindness Initiative

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RAVE ET AL (RAVE) is a social enterprise established with the primary objective of providing relevant capacity building programs for children, teens and young adults in the area of values education, digital citizenship and life skills enhancements. Our programs are designed to equip the younger generation with the skills they need to make better-informed choices offline and online, and achieve value-driven success. To ensure a holistic approach in preparing our children for the digital future, we also deliver various programs for parents and educators.

At RAVE, we believe that life is a series of choices and that to "do life” successfully, there are 4 batteries (the core) that we must ensure are sufficiently and consistently charged. These 4 batteries are our Relationships, Attitude, Values and Empowerment, which is reflected in the capacity we develop. We also believe that the earlier an individual begins to deliberately imbibe and define their core, the more informed they would be in making choices that will navigate them towards value-driven success.

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