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In December 2007, Charity Ladi Babatunde decided to gather a few teenagers including her children to share her life experiences and talk to them about real life – relationships, attitude, choices, values and other issues she considered imperative for attaining success in life. She mentioned to a few friends, picked a venue, asked those who were interested in having their children attend send a message and to her utmost surprise, 60 children showed up! This was the start of an initiative she called REAL Life, which saw her speaking on various occasions at schools and other gatherings.

As the digital world became more pervasive and increasingly a part of the lives of youngsters and the negative impact of the erosion of values became more obvious in the quality of choices they were making, it became apparent that there was need for a more structured and holistic intervention targeted at equipping them with the skills and values essential to navigating safely and thriving in this digital age. So in 2015, REAL Life evolved into RAVE Et Al Limited.

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Our Story

In December 2007, an initiative that sought to help reinforce those values and essential life skills imperative for success in life was birthed under the name of Real Life.

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Who We Are

RAVE ET AL (RAVE) is social enterprise that partners with parents, schools, government and other stakeholders, to equip the younger generation for the future, ....

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Suite D62 & 63 Dolphin Plaza
Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: +234 8058304049

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