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At RAVE Et Al, we understand that the only way a society driven by values can be attained is by adopting a holistic approach in championing our cause. Our interventions are therefore targeted at the following audiences:

  • Youths
        Children - Ages 8 – 12
        Teens - Ages 13 – 18
        Emerging Adults - Ages 18 and above
  • Parents / Guardians
  • Schools – Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Government
Our programs and solutions include:

RAVE Digital Citizenship Program (DCP)
Beyond IQ and EQ, inculcating digital citizenship skills in our children early, greatly enhances their DQ (digital intelligence quotient) and significantly increases their ability to navigate safely and thrive in this digital world.
The RAVE Digital Citizenship Program, which provides very interactive and engaging content, is flexible and can be tailored to meet the uniqueness of individual school calendars.
RAVE DCP equips children ages 8 – 18 with core digital citizenship skills and covers issues such as:
    Digital Citizen Identity
    Critical Thinking
    Privacy Management
    Digital Footprint Management
    Digital Empathy
    Screen Time Management
    Cyber Bullying Management
    Cyber Security Management
By reinforcing the norms and attitudes expected of responsible digital citizens using the DQWorld platform and other relevant curricula, the children are empowered to navigate the digital world productively; deal with the challenges and demands of the digital era; and make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online.
To ensure a holistic approach in preparing our children for the digital future, we also run parents & educators workshops geared at empowering them to parent more effectively in this digital age.