Father Figure
Father Figure
Father Figure
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  • Father figure is an e-mentoring and e-coaching secure platform that allows those within our target audience who are in need of “fatherly” counsel to seek and receive the help needed to navigate through whatever issues might be bugging them at any point in time.

    At RAVE et al, we work with a team of men of proven character whom we would be glad to link you with online so that they can work with you through those issues that you’d like to talk about.

    These mentoring sessions are private between the mentor and mentee with RAVE et al acting as a mediator to ensure that there is no breach of decorum by either party.

    We encourage you to register by clicking this link and we are confident that you would leave each session feeling much better and closer to your goal. By the way did we mention that it’s free? Yep FREE!!

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