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Father Figure

In December 2007, an initiative that sought to help reinforce those values and essential life skills imperative for success in life was birthed under the name of Real Life.

Since inception, Real Life has over the years, hosted several successful programs targeted at children & young adults between the ages of 8 and 25 years old with attendance at our public seminars ranging between 40 and 75. Our programs typically run for two days with day-1 being a classroom session and day 2 seeing our attendees work with various underprivileged organizations including The Old People’s Home, Yaba; The Hearts of Gold Hospice; The Red Cross Orphanage.

On the platform of our R.E.S.O.L.V.E. program, we’ve been privileged to speak at a number of schools including Temple School, Lagos; Lifeforte International High School, Ibadan and Treasure House School, Lagos.

Each of these outings have been major eye openers and it has increasingly become very apparent that for our children to have a nation they would be proud of and to which they can contribute positively, there is an urgent need to “demolish” the warped value system they are unconsciously imbibing daily and as a matter of urgency, intentionally begin to reinforce positive values.

To help us achieve the desired impact and position us for greater effectiveness, Real Life has now evolved into RAVE et al – a social enterprise that partners with parents, schools, government and other stakeholders, to equip the younger generation for the future, using education and other vibrant tools to reinforce values, attitudes and life skills that are imperative for successfully & safely navigating the various phases of life online, offline and impacting the society positively.

A forward thinking organization, RAVE Et Al is authorized as the pioneer organization in Nigeria (the first in Africa) to be certified as a DQ Ambassador by the DQ (Digital Intelligence Quotient) Institute, Singapore, an institution which aims to empower every 8-12-year-old child around the world with DQ digital citizenship skills by using a simple ‘plug & play’ method. Recognizing the need encourage responsible digital citizenship, we also offer other programs tailored to different age groups. 

It’s with great excitement that I invite you to partner with us as we reinforce values, equip for success and impact the future positively. Please join me and let the RAVE begin.


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