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Father Figure



Charity Babatunde

RAVE et al was founded by Charity Babatunde who functions as the Chief Operating Officer of the organization.

An astute administrator with a penchant for adding value, Charity has over 20 years of eclectic work experience in the banking sector, as an entrepreneur and a life coach. She is an avid reader, with a thirst for learning and a penchant for adding value.

Charity consistently updates her skills by participating in various courses & capacity building programs locally, internationally and virtually. She holds a BSc. in Business Administration, an MBA, is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi), a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and the Pioneer authorized DQ Ambassador in Nigeria by virtue of RAVE et AL’s, certification (the first in Africa) by the DQ (Digital Intelligence Quotient) Institute, Singapore. She consistently brings to bear her wealth of experience and seeks innovative ways to ensure positive, lasting change in her environment.

Charity is married with two children.

RAVE Board of Advisors

We are supported by a strong Board of Advisors who bring to bear their diverse wealth of experience to ensure RAVE et al achieves its objectives:

RAVE Ambassadors 

RAVE Ambassadors are committed volunteers who believe in the vision and subscribe to the values of RAVE Et Al. They are passionate about positively influencing the younger generation and are instrumental in creating awareness of our various programs and making vital connections with schools, corporate organizations, government and other stakeholders.

To become a RAVE Ambassador, kindly express your interest by clicking here.


Our team of carefully selected trained and certified RAVE Reps enjoy working with children and young people. They engage with and empower our target audience for success, implementing our solution – The RAVE Model by facilitating our various programs in schools and other learning environments.