Father Figure
Father Figure
I really enjoyed the program; it was nice and would like to experience more programs like this.
Adeyinga Tobi
It was generally fun and a wonderful experience, I had a very good time.
Obi Uchanna
During the course of the two days I learnt various things, such as the importance of good manners and the social responsibility that I and all the members of the community bear. The trip to CDC particularly made a lasting impact on me. I learnt that when meeting anyone Particularly the student at CDC to acknowledge them for their person first.
Kemi Lijadu
I learnt that I can start by changing the world now. I really enjoyed it, I learnt how to meet People with physical challenges at CDC, I learnt how to dance and also meet new people.
Tomi Lijadu
It has been a very fun experience for me. It’s beaten anything I had planned in the last month. Hope I can come for the next one. I learnt to use properly refer to people with impairments, I learnt how to make sausage rolls and I learnt how to dance.
James Anite
When I first heard of the teen yanz event in school, for some reason I knew I wanted to go from the first moment I heard. The event took hold for 2 days and I saw faces, some I did not know, some I did we were graced with the honour of having interact sessions with some of the following adults; Mrs. Babatunde, Mr. R D Johnson, Mrs. Adeyileka and much more, we were also taken care of well, learnt the core values of social responsibility and etiquette, visiting and interacting with members the children developmental centre and what I enjoyed the most was being able to make new friends. Some of the things learnt were opportunities do not pause but the pass round so be wise to catch them etc. it was an event I had high expectations for my expectations were met and even surpassed. It was a most enjoyable event I would be proud to say I attended.
Isaac Chukwumah
My experience at CDC, on Wednesday 22nd November 2010 I went to CDC a part of a program organized by Mrs. Charity Babatunde. I had a very fun time baking sausage rolls with my friends and working with some of the children from CDC, before we left a dance group called Xfactor put on a show for us, I thought that they really tried, when they finished everyone was called up to dance. One of them was teaching us a few moves. Soon it started to rain so we had to leave, I found my day CDC a very enjoyable experience.
Aarinola Ayo-Ipaye
My experience at this year’s edition was special, I learnt more than I had ever learnt in the past years. On the first day we had Aunty Deola take us on a ride of our social responsibilities, she told us that there are many things we can do to make a difference in are community at this age, and we don’t have to wait until we are older, we also had Mr. RDJ & Mrs. Johanna take us on social polish, they spoke about the use of our cutlery and personal hygiene among many other things. On the second day, we were taken to CDC to meet the tea bakers, we had so much fun & we also learnt. I personally took home the fact that even those with one disability or the other can still have fun.
Megbope Abisola
It was a fun experience. Thank you Aunty Charity. On the 21st and 22nd of December 2010 was another seminar in Real life. On the 21st, we had speakers who came to talk to us about topics like, Social responsibility and Social polish, Mrs. Deola Olulana talked about Social responsibility and Mrs. Johanna Adeyileka talked about Social polish /etiquette. On the 22nd, we made a visit to CDC (Children Development Center) we went there to see the people there and we baked with them. It was really a nice experience to socialize with people there, there were dancers who came to dance while we waited for what we baked. I remember one person FEMI who was quite friendly, he went round to ask all our names. This was really a nice day.
Ipinmi Akinkugbe
Unfortunately this will be my last real life experience because by next year I would be above age limit, but I must say coming for real life is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The experience is definitely priceless as it has taught me how to confidently relate to people It has also taught me how important it is to care and help those in my community who are not as privileged as I am. My visit to the orphanage the old peoples home and the children development center has really opened my eyes to see how wonderful it feels to help and care for others who may not necessarily be my friends and family. My experience at real life has motivated me to pursuer my vision which is to reach to those in need around me and to even do more for them as I get older. Real life is definitely a program I would encourage every teenager in Nigeria to attend because it has impacted my life in a positive way.
Seni Ajamjebi
It was a wonderful experience to go and visit CDC, and I really enjoyed the event. It was an eyes opener and informing but surprising, I learnt a lot on how to comport myself as well as relate with other people. My experience at Real life was very exciting and inspirational. I learnt how to be well mannered and well composed in my society, I also learnt how as an individual I can contribute to saving and helping my country. The lessons learnt have allowed me to develop an optimistic mindset towards the affairs of this country, also one of the important thing I learnt was how not to discriminate against people who are less priviledged or physically challenged. In summary, I enjoyed my experience at real life as it has made me a wiser person and it has also made me more aware about my society.
Kitan Babatunde