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RAVE ET AL (RAVE) is a social enterprise established with the primary objective of providing relevant capacity building programs for children, teens and young adults in the area of values education, digital citizenship and life skills enhancements. Our programs are designed to equip the younger generation with the skills they need to make better-informed choices offline and online, and achieve value-driven success. To ensure a holistic approach in preparing our children for the digital future, we also deliver various programs for parents and educators.

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A Naija Parents Guide To Having The Talk: Sex & More

Part of the parenting job description has always included talking to our children about life, and sex is a very big part of life. It's interesting though that in spite of its prevalence, sex is talked about by almost everyone, everywhere except the most important place where the conversation should be had the home between parents and their children. In this book, parents & parent-figures will find tips on how to have age appropriate conversations with their children & wards from as young as age 2 on sex and sex-related matters. Let me give you a hint It's really not as scary as you think. PS: This book is for men too! No be only women get responsibility to talk this talk.

Date: 4th February 2019



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